What Would Be a Perfect Day?

//What Would Be a Perfect Day?

What Would Be a Perfect Day?

During a conference call that I teach each week – goal setting came up. We need to have goals so we know where we are headed. An airplane that is just one degree off course at the start of a flight can end up hundreds of miles off course at their destination. So we looked at writing life goals, one year goals, monthly goals – and then a new idea came across my desk in an article about “getting things done”. The idea was to write down a list of “to do” items in sequence that would represent your perfect day – what would you be doing step by step all day long.

This one works for me…I can start putting in order my day from the time I get up till around mid afternoon. Then I have to let the schedule rest…but up until then it works very well for me. Let me give you an example.

Get up, and while eating breakfast – read my Bible. OK, now that may seem simple, but there are lots of things I do while I eat. Put on my make up, get dressed, watch TV…usually I do what is easy and comfortable. However, when I put “read my Bible” in writing, the very next morning I just picked up my Bible and started to read. It didn’t take any thinking because I had already decided what I wanted to do.

You do know that the word “decide” comes from the word “genocide” so when you decide something, you are killing all other options. You don’t have to stop and think about it. You don’t have to figure anything out. It is decided. Boy that is a huge time saver. So now I have my Bible reading scheduled, planned and worked into my day. The next thing on my perfect day was to listen to educational tapes as I drive to work. No music, no mind numbing talk shows, just good mind building information. I load the CD’s once (5 at a time) then sift through them depending on my mood. So here I am; two main pieces already settled in my mind – decided before I even get up – put in place to help me reach my life plan goals – and it was easy.

Now don’t go crazy on this…just take maybe 30% of your day and put action steps in place to see how it supports your overall goals in life. It may be exercise or making a phone call to relatives. It could be reading or cooking several meals at one time so you always have healthy food available. The less time we spend thinking about what to do next, the more time we have to do the main things in life and then we have time to rest and play.

Get a piece of paper, think about your day and write down what would be a perfect day for you in order to accomplish the goals you have set for your life. This exercise is worth the time so just try it. By the way…it’s a good life, live it with joy.

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