What Kind of Leader Are You?

//What Kind of Leader Are You?

What Kind of Leader Are You?

There are two kinds of leaders I have worked with in the corporate world. One type gets results – and the other one inspires. Personally, I like the inspiring type, but in business we often get paid to be the “results” type of leader.

Let’s look at both and see what the difference is. Most importantly, let’s figure out when we need to be which type of leader. For today, we will look at the results leader.

There are basic steps to take when you are a results leader. First there needs to be a goal. The goal needs to be worded in the positive. It needs to be measurable, doable, have a time frame to it, measured and reported back to your team. So often businesses state goals but do not measure them and staff will produce what is measured. My experience is most office teams can focus on three goals at a time, but seldom can they really focus on more than three.

Need results fast? Here are the steps:

  • Have a goal
  • Write it in the positive
    1. Have 4 new clients by end of month
    2. Close 5 deals this week
    3. Schedule 2 training classes first quarter
  • Now measure results daily
  • Post results so your team can clearly see them daily
  • Celebrate every success, no matter how small
  • Don’t point out failures, only successes

Just try those steps and see if it doesn’t improve the results for your team. Will it take some extra time? Yes! Will it take some creativity? Yes! But helping people get results is what business leadership is all about. Go for it with joy!

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