Taking Time To Plan

//Taking Time To Plan

Taking Time To Plan

One of the great bosses I had during my banking career scheduled one day each week on his work calendar completely blank. Yup, there it was every week – a full page of nothing. Clean as could be – except for the big black line running all the way through the page letting everyone in the office know that he was unavailable. No appointments could be booked, no meetings planned – nothing.

Now being a new officer of the bank this intrigued me. It seemed to me my job was to fill every hour of every day with goal related activities in a variety of areas in life. This would somehow show that I was working on “progress” items and was a goal oriented person. Things that I wanted to represent in my business life. Yet as I watched my schedule get all tangled up with priority changes and staff issues I quickly learned the value of a one day clear schedule.

That “time marked out” was a time for planning. It was when he looked at result reports, read important memo’s from other executives and took time to cast the vision once again of where he was going and where he wanted his team to go. I saw that often these days got interrupted with higher priorities, but since he had planned for it (remember, he had a “free” day each week) his priorities never got dropped. He had a plan to work and he worked his plan.

Now that was over 20 years ago but the lesson is still the same. Take time to plan. Take time to evaluate how your plan is working. Take time to cast your vision with the people who report to you so you know they are leading in the same direction that you are. It is the way great leaders lead. They are always sharing their vision – even when they think everyone knows it – they share it again and again. Be that kind of leader; keep the main thing the main thing. Take time to plan and schedule it in your week…otherwise life will fill up your days with lots of things to do and your goals will be lost.

Try it…just one day…it’s a good thing. Do it with joy.

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