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What Would Be a Perfect Day?

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During a conference call that I teach each week – goal setting came up. We need to have goals so we know where we are headed. An airplane that is just one degree off course at the start of a flight can end up hundreds of miles off course at their destination. So we looked [...]

It’s Time to Live at a New Level

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Friends, say it out loud right now: “It’s my time!” “It’s time for you to live at a new level of dominion and authority. It’s time for you to be filled with continual joy, excitement, and expectation! It’s time for you to see each and every blessing released into your life! It’s time for you become [...]

Increase Your Time Spent in Prayer

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Let’s ask God what we can do this year to make the world a better place than it was last year! “I am convinced that as we begin to see the changes that take place, the burdens that are removed, and the miracles that are released, we will increase the amount of time we spend in [...]

Spend Uninterrupted Time With the Lord

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Often our time truly focused on God is just a few minutes at a time, but I want to encourage you to spend as much time with your Heavenly Father as possible! “There is absolutely no experience in life that could compare to the experience of spending focused, uninterrupted time with the Lord in worship, praise, [...]

How are you spending your time?

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How are you spending your time? In ways that will make an eternal impact, or in ways that will be forgotten by the end of the week? “We can say that we love God, but if we never spend time with Him, in prayer and in Bible study, do we really love Him? The same question [...]

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