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What are YOU willing to do for a successful marriage?

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What are YOU willing to do for a successful marriage? We have been married and working together as a team for MANY years, but it was not always a smooth process and we really had to seek God’s will for us. “The process of ‘two becoming one’ sometimes requires some lifestyle adaptations and initial sacrifice. You [...]

Set your priorities according to God’s order

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Praise God that He has given us a design for success: He even provides us with priorities, then we can give all the glory to Him!!! Larry puts it so well in our latest book… “But the husband can’t put his ministry or his job before his family. We need to set our priorities according to [...]

Blessed To Be A Blessing

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I absolutely believe that God has ordained each and every one of us to be a person of powerful, positive influence with many great successes and significant amounts of wealth and resources to pour into the work of God. When we make up our minds to be conduits of blessings, He will make certain to get [...]

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Tiz Huch is a co-pastor, television host, best-selling author, conference speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur.

Tiz is the co-host of New Beginnings television show, the weekly broadcast ministry of Larry Huch Ministries. The program’s message is changing lives worldwide and covers topics such as breaking generational curses, walking in freedom, enhancing personal and family relationships.

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