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Are They Listening? (Part 2)

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Life would be exciting enough if the visual and feeling type of thinkers or processors of information were the only two types of people we needed to communicate with, but there is a third type – the audial. This person thinks with recorded words or messages in their entirety. Think of it this way, they record [...]

Show Me The Money!

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In my Banking career I soon discovered the people who controlled the budgets and had the final say on those budgets processed information very different from the way I process information. They think in numbers, data, percentages and the relationship between numbers, data, and percentages. Now if you think using this process you might be a [...]

What Did You Say?

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The next type of listener or processor of information is one who remembers or thinks with feelings. Have you ever asked someone a question and had them look downward for just a brief second – then face you with all the emotions of what they are remembering? They are as happy or sad or angry right [...]

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