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Taking Time To Plan

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One of the great bosses I had during my banking career scheduled one day each week on his work calendar completely blank. Yup, there it was every week – a full page of nothing. Clean as could be - except for the big black line running all the way through the page letting everyone in the [...]

Are Your Priorities in Order?

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Are your priorities in order? Are you sure? We need to make sure they line up with the Word of God. “Whether we’re in the ministry or working another career, our home is to be our top priority. Our professional success will always be an extension of who we are at home. Each Christian household is [...]

Set your priorities according to God’s order

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Praise God that He has given us a design for success: He even provides us with priorities, then we can give all the glory to Him!!! Larry puts it so well in our latest book… “But the husband can’t put his ministry or his job before his family. We need to set our priorities according to [...]

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