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30 Days to Victory – Day 19

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Psalms promises us that, "those who are planted in the House of the Lord shall flourish!" The word "flourish" means to be full of life, to grow, bud, blossom, to be healthy, happy and whole! To continually bear fruit, AND reproduce fruit in others! I love that!!!! I thank God that for 38 years I have [...]

30 Days to Victory – Day 2

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We can't be someone that God didn't make us to be, but we can be ALL that He made us to be! Let's commit to becoming the best possible version of ourselves this year! Usually dynamic change is made up of hundreds of small changes that really add up. As this year gets underway, let's step [...]

Don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed

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Never let go of the peace and fulfillment of the promises of God. NOW is the time to take action, and step into the new beginning God has for you… “Don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed. Instead, decide to start fresh. Build toward a consistent positive change, and the desired results will come in due season! The [...]

Encourage Your Spouse through Positive Words

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Last week, I talked about that dreaded word, ‘submission.’ Hopefully you look at it differently now, and never again underestimate the POWER of submission!! Check out what Larry shared in these passages from our latest book, “In rabbinical literature, the word for the submissive spirit—the nurturing, caring attitude—is actually considered more important than the protective spirit. [...]

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