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God Freely Offers His Love

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God is a giver! “The more that we comprehend God’s immense love for us, His attentiveness to hear our prayers, and His willingness to help us in every situation, the more faith and confidence rise up within us...God does not withhold His love from us; He freely offers it, but we have to accept it. Understanding [...]

God’s Love For Us Is Never-Ending

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There is no limit to the blessings God is wanting to give you AND no limit to how He will get it to you!! “God’s mercy, grace, and help are inexhaustible. His love for us is never-ending. His equipping and resources are limitless. All we have to do is take the time and make the effort [...]

With God, There Is No Discrimination

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Join us tonight at the Business Women’s Network Dinner, 7p.m. at La Cima club in Irving! Register on-line at “With God, there is no discrimination or favoritism...Every one of us has equal access to the throne of God! Our Father has opened the door to each of us who desires to enter in.” Taken from [...]

God’s love is life-changing

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I hope y’all had a fun Memorial Day! I am so excited to see and hear about all the exciting things that are going on in our church... Not just here in Dallas but around the world! God’s love is life-changing!!! “...the basis of seeing God’s power moving in us, for us, and through us is [...]

On the Path of Marriage

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What are you doing TODAY to shape your destiny? Probably more than you realize! Our words and actions today are determining our future… “On the path of marriage, we’re always growing, either closer or further apart. The choice is ours. We can change and grow together in ways that will bless our relationship, or we can [...]

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