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Set Aside the Affairs and Duties of Life

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Our Modeh Ani prayer card is a life-changing way to start your day!! “The Word talks repeatedly about the appointed hour of prayer. This is the designated time, first thing in the morning, when we set aside the affairs and duties of life and focus completely on the Lord and His Word through prayer. This is [...]

God Is Our Guide

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There are so many wonderful blessings all around us every day---just open your eyes WIDE enough to see all God has for you!! “No matter where we are or what we find ourselves doing right now, God wants to outdo it! With God as our guide, life is a wonderful journey of outrageous adventures." Taken from [...]

God’s love is life-changing

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I hope y’all had a fun Memorial Day! I am so excited to see and hear about all the exciting things that are going on in our church... Not just here in Dallas but around the world! God’s love is life-changing!!! “...the basis of seeing God’s power moving in us, for us, and through us is [...]

Jesus Came to Give Us Abundant Life

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Larry says this all the time, “If all Jesus did was die for our sins to save us, we couldn’t praise Him enough... But He came to give us life, and that life more abundantly!!!” “...we are the lights of God’s life. He’s just waiting for us to come on in and spend some time with [...]

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