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When We Know God, We Trust Him

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Can you believe it is December already?!? Don’t let the holiday “busy-ness” distract you from God’s business... “Let’s begin by talking about lining up our thoughts with God’s thoughts, as expressed in His Word. Every effective prayer or assault against the enemy is going to originate from within us. The power is birthed from our knowing [...]

Know the Promises of God

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Each of us can have the abundant life God offers! “Once we know the promises that have been placed in the Word by God Himself, then we have the basis for seeing them become realities in our lives. The Word tells us repeatedly that, in addition to being our Savior for all eternity, the Lord wants [...]

30 Days to Victory – Day 17

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What makes us joyful? There's a big difference between fun and joy. Fun is great, but it's a temporary response to the moment. Joy comes from deep within your soul. The greatest factor in true joy comes from knowing the Lord intimately. It brings a joy that is present no matter what the circumstances! It's a [...]

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