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Our God is a Big God

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“And with His resources made completely available to us, there are no limits and no boundaries! ...Our God is a big God with a big vision for each of our lives! Together, we are going to see every one of His plans accomplished in us, for us, and through us!” Taken from No Limits, No Boundaries

Raising children isn’t easy

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Raising children isn’t easy, believe me I realize that! None of us are perfect and I am sure we all have things we would have done differently if we had known better: “Many people are haunted by guilt over mistakes they’ve made, especially regarding the ‘things that count,’ such as their families. Guess what? That’s where [...]

God is a good God!

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If Larry and I can be used to further the Kingdom of God, so can you! “It doesn’t matter where we came from; the only thing that matters is where we’re going. And the universal fact is that each of us needs to grow and change. So, no matter our background—whether our family is ‘broken,’ blended, [...]

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