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Keeping the “Main” Thing the “Main” Thing

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Keeping the main thing the main thing isn't always easy. Have you noticed how "business teams" seem to almost slide in different directions if Leadership doesn't always keep repeating and refocusing their desired goals? Lets look at this "human nature" process – and as Leaders develop steps to keep the main thing the main thing. In [...]

Focus on the promises of God

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Choose to live for God...wholeheartedly!! “We each have to make a conscious choice—every day, and many times throughout the day—to remain focused on the promises of God. We all will face challenges, especially in the area of finances. As I have said over and over, challenges are not meant to overcome us; we are meant to [...]

30 Days to Victory – Day 27

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At any moment of time or any "snapshot" of our lives, we can choose what we focus on. What we focus on determines what we SEE and what we MISS! Look at this sunset photo I took. Many things are happening at the same time! We can choose what we SEE: Dark clouds or bright sun? [...]

Wake up to the Presence and the Promises of God every Day!

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I love waking up every morning to the presence of God! And then, to feel the expectation of what He has in store for my life today. Before I allow myself to focus in on all the things that I need to do during my day, I make sure to focus in on all that God [...]

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