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God has a new beginning for you!

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I know I have posted a lot for married couples, but our new book really is for everyone! We all have a family of some shape or fashion. Even if you are single now, odds are, you won’t be forever and you should start preparing now… “If you’re not married, then God is your spouse right [...]

Those who get married have a responsibility

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Want your home to be a peaceful refuge?? Want your family to look forward to spending time together?!? Thank God if those are already true for you, but if not… Let us challenge you to take steps NOW to make these things happen!!! Not just during this Chanukah and Christmas season, but ALWAYS!!! “But, come Friday [...]

Parenting Is Not An Easy Job

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, let’s remember parenting is not an easy job! Praise God the rewards far outweigh the struggles as we let Him direct our steps... “What we really want to do is create a positive path for our children, because God will use us to transform the world through our homes. [...]

Releasing Family Blessings Quote

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"We can change the world around us, as God equips us. He does not expect us to solve every world crisis, but He does expect us to resolve the crisis in our homes. Praise God, we aren’t on our own—He left us a plan for the family, a blueprint to follow. And it’s called the Bible—the [...]

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