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30 Days to Victory – Day 25

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Have you ever had one of those days where you made up your mind to eat healthier? Then you go to the grocery store and quickly make your way, successfully, through the bakery, the deli and cheese sections to the produce section! You proudly place apples, nectarines, oranges and bananas for smoothies in your cart! Then [...]

30 Days to Victory – Day 23

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We have all seen the negative effects of pride in others and in ourselves. The Bible warns us about thinking too highly of ourselves. Pride will rob us of our blessings and our destiny. But, as a Pastor for over 37 years, I can say that low self-esteem (thinking too little of ourselves) has an equally [...]

Today’s Choices Determine Tomorrow’s Destiny

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You are as happy today as you decide to be! “Always keep in mind the fact that today’s choices determine tomorrow’s destiny, and allow this thought to be a source of excitement and motivation for you. God has put you in the place where you are, at this particular time, for a specific purpose!” Taken from [...]

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