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One New Man Conference

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Sign Up for One New Man Conference   We are so excited to have you join us on this historic pathway of bringing Christians and Jews together to become the one new man -Pastor Larry Huch. Guest speakers will include Pastor Paula White, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Marvin Ellison, special worship by Pastor Brandin Reed and [...]

Our relationship is a living testimony to the power of God

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Join us next weekend for our Releasing Family Blessings Conference…Larry and I have poured so much of ourselves into our newest book, and we want a chance to encourage you even more about the fabulous future God intends for you and your entire family! “Now, Larry and I won't claim to be experts in the realms [...]

The Bible is a Pathway to Receiving God’s Best

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Join us in TWO weeks for our Releasing Family Blessings Conference as we gather together to focus on improving the futures of our families. Regardless of whether you are married, divorced, single, with or without kids: there will be something for you! “The Bible has been our primary resource as we’ve endeavored to follow the Lord’s [...]

Martin and Shaneen Clarke at Conference

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Our Releasing Family Blessings Conference is rapidly approaching… So if you haven’t registered yet, please do so TODAY! Martin and Shaneen Clarke, our dear friends from London, England will be here and Thursday night we will be blessed with worship by Vicky Yohe. “If we will work toward strengthening our marriages, our children, and our families, [...]

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