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Habits...the very word seems to bring up images of bad things, bad habits. Things people are addicted to. Unhealthy choices. Yet every successful leader knows the value of good habits and takes time to learn them. Take the habit of reading while waiting for an appointment. One of my favorite bosses in corporate always had the [...]

Change Your Attitude Toward Prayer

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Let’s walk in the glory and the blessing and the abundance of God... “Changing your attitude toward prayer and making it a top priority in your life will drastically change the course of your every day. More than that—it will change your whole life! We need to face life with the confidence that God intends for [...]

It’s Our Time!

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I never realized that God, Himself, desires to BLESS ME! I've been missing out on so much! I hear this over and over from people who read my book 'No Limits No Boundaries'! The Word of God is full of thousands of wonderful, powerful promises for each of our lives! The Lord has never intended for [...]

Tap into the 8000 Incredible Promises in God’s Word that are for YOU!!!

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Do you realize that, not only do YOU want your life to change for the better, but GOD Himself wants your life to change for the better! He wants to move through your prayers and change the circumstances of your life, your family, your finances, your future and the world around you! And, He has already [...]

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