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Our God is a Big God

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“And with His resources made completely available to us, there are no limits and no boundaries! ...Our God is a big God with a big vision for each of our lives! Together, we are going to see every one of His plans accomplished in us, for us, and through us!” Taken from No Limits, No Boundaries

If God be for us, Who can be Against us!!!

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Let's never take our God or His power for granted! He is so Big that the entire universe can fit in the palm of His hand! And, yet, He is so personal, caring and loving that He knows the number of hairs on our head! How incredible is that! He doesn't want to just be some [...]

Our God is too Big for us to be Small Minded!

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Our God is too Big for us to be Small Minded! Do you realize that, God Himself, has an incredible destiny and future planned out for you? Let's make sure we don't allow ourselves to fall into the trap of small mindedness. Our God is too great! Let's not limit our future by the failures of [...]

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