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//Show Me The Money!

Show Me The Money!

In my Banking career I soon discovered the people who controlled the budgets and had the final say on those budgets processed information very different from the way I process information. They think in numbers, data, percentages and the relationship between numbers, data, and percentages. Now if you think using this process you might be a digital. If you don’t think this way you skipped all the words after data – it just didn’t interest you.

The digital processor is quieter – like the audial processor and they too do not find high emotions or excited story tellers to be very interesting. They would rather look a hard facts, bottom lines and relationships between numbers. They use words like:

  • Facts
• Percentages
• Ratios
• Increase
• Decrease

They ask questions along those same lines and making presentations to this type of thinker required a complete change of presentation styles for me. First I needed to make well documented pages with current numbers. For the ‘visual’ I made colored pie charts, for the ‘feeling’ thinkers I did pictures (puppies and children work especially well for this type) and for the ‘audial’ I did the best I could hoping they had a secondary mode I could tap into.

All Marketing ideas were anchored to expected growth in accounts or market penetrations. No mention of how fun it would be or how meaningful the staff would perceive this project. Just the facts.

These people are often misunderstood and thought to be stoic or not very friendly. Not true, they are some of the deepest feeling people I know, they just express it differently.

All four types of information processors are normal. None of them need to be ‘fixed’ or infused with energy. They need to be recognized and appreciated. Since communication means an idea being shared, we need to uncover the preferred mode of thinking of the person we are trying to communicate with and change our message to match their style. How often we try to change the person but have you noticed – that doesn’t work?

Respect the differences, true leaders do. It’s a great life, live it with joy.

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