Peace In Your Storm!

//Peace In Your Storm!

Peace In Your Storm!

In Mark 4:35 Jesus told his disciples “Come and go with me to the other side.” As they crossed the sea, a huge storm arose. The disciples feared they would die! But Jesus was asleep in the boat! They woke him and said “Jesus, don’t you even care that we may drown?” Jesus arose and spoke to the storm “Peace! Be still!” Immediately, the storm ceased! They were amazed at the miraculous power of God!… Jesus was amazed at their lack of faith in the miraculous power of God! The disciples focused on the danger and intensity of the storm. Jesus focused on the miracle on the other side of the storm!

No matter what storm you are in right now, it has not taken God by surprise! Before you ever even knew you would face a challenge, God had already worked out a solution! Trust Him and speak to your storm “Peace! Be still!”

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