Keeping Up with the Times

//Keeping Up with the Times

Keeping Up with the Times

At some point in your business career you will discover that new technology has entered your work environment… and you don’t understand it. Now don’t make the mistake of saying out loud in a business meeting ‘oh that new-fangled stuff… I prefer the old way, it always worked for me before,’ because that is the start of a very slippery slope. Unless you are the boss, and by boss I mean the owner or president of a company, you need to keep up to speed with new ways of doing just about everything.

Billy Graham has been quoted as saying, ‘the message doesn’t change but the method of delivery must change with each generation.’ OK, maybe I added a few extra words, but this was his way of saying, ‘keep current,’ and I agree. Whether your preference is Apple or Android, written or spoken word, we all must learn new ways of doing daily tasks. It’s the old Kindle VS books, and all the other preferences out there.

Recently an offer was made of a thumb drive with hours and hours of really good teaching. Because of its small size, not everyone appreciated the value of that gift. Who is your audience? What is their life experience? It is like learning to look at information on a phone screen when you would prefer a regular piece of paper to mark and write on, but you know your market wants information on a phone screen.

Keep up-to-date and current, watch a teaching video or visit a phone store. Ask a friend who understands technology to explain it. Use it and keep current. Why? Your mind needs to expand and learn. You need to grow with the current communication system. No matter your age, it leaves the impression that you are relevant, valuable and willing to learn and change as needed. That is important to every business and it keeps the channels of communication open.

Now for the spiritual connections… as we use more and more technology in our business world, we need to be current with our church and small group communications also. Keep learning, it’s a great life, live it with joy.

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