Keeping the “Main” Thing the “Main” Thing

//Keeping the “Main” Thing the “Main” Thing

Keeping the “Main” Thing the “Main” Thing

Keeping the main thing the main thing isn’t always easy. Have you noticed how “business teams” seem to almost slide in different directions if Leadership doesn’t always keep repeating and refocusing their desired goals? Lets look at this “human nature” process – and as Leaders develop steps to keep the main thing the main thing.

In business, things are always improving, always changing to reflect the change in markets and change in technical improvements. This momentum is a good thing. We always want the process of business to evolve and reflect current market trends. But this wonderful rush of change brings with it the tendency to want change in every area. We tweak, reposition, update and analyze. We “improve”, re-release, add to and repackage. And in that process our business teams often loose site of the main thing.

Let me share an example. In banking it was important to always make the customer feel like they had an advocate on their side. Someone who was looking out for their interests. At the same time, each employee needed to protect the assets of the financial institute they worked for. Since I planned to receive a retirement check from the company, it was up to me to be sure the company had enough assets to continue in business. I could only do so much, but it was my job to do what I could.

As products were introduced there was always a large advertising thrust to get the word out! At times it seemed like there were new products and services being developed almost every month and with each new introduction the “teams” lost focus. We were a Bank. We had checking accounts and savings accounts. That was the “main thing” but with large marketing campaigns for investments, estate and trust products along with small business loans, the local branch teams often got off track. It took strong leadership to continue to train employees to watch for ways to help the client see needs for checking and savings accounts. Discover the need for car and home loans. Those bread and butter products were profitable (in those days) and we needed to focus on profitable products.

It is the same in today’s society. There are lots of exciting things to take all of us off focus…so do your self a favor. Check with your business team to see what they are focusing on. Check to be sure the procedures and best practices you put in place are still being followed. If Coach Vince Lombardi started each season with the famous line “gentlemen, this is a football” then help your team to see the finish line you want them to cross. Keep that focus before everyone. Don’t let the little “busy” things in business take you out of the real goal in business! Taking care of business will transfer to taking care of your people and that is what Leadership is all about, taking care of the people on your team.

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