It’s Our Time!

//It’s Our Time!

It’s Our Time!

I never realized that God, Himself, desires to BLESS ME! I’ve been missing out on so much! I hear this over and over from people who read my book ‘No Limits No Boundaries’!
The Word of God is full of thousands of wonderful, powerful promises for each of our lives! The Lord has never intended for us to have to live under the burdens, restrictions and limitations of the world’s natural realm. He has provided us with a means of accessing and tapping into His unlimited supernatural help, equipping and resources! Too often, we as Believers, have resigned ourselves to living our lives way below the levels of promises in the Word of God! It has always been God’s desire for each of us to be successful in every area of our lives!
Through an intimate relationship with the Lord and by taking personal ownership of His many fabulous promises, we have the ability to dynamically change our lives, families, finances and our futures! Through prayer, we can see the promises written in the Word manifest into the reality of our lives!

Faith and Prayer creates a Divine Exchange where we are able to exchange:
-Our limited abilities for His unlimited strength, equipping and help.
-Our weakness and sickness for His strength and divine health.
-Our fears and doubts for His faith and confidence.
-Our turmoil and strife for His peace and joy.
-Our limited resources for His abundance and Supernatural provision.
-Our impossibilities for His unending possibilities, grace and favor.

It’s our time to take the limits off of our God and off of ourselves!
It’s our time to connect God’s Super to our Natural!
It’s our time to possess the promises of God through faith and prayer!
It’s our time to get a God sized vision for our lives!
It’s our time for our Dreams to become our Realities!
It’s our time to begin the adventure of a life with No Limits and No Boundaries!

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