God’s laws are not just a big list of restrictions

//God’s laws are not just a big list of restrictions

God’s laws are not just a big list of restrictions

So thankful that God has made healthy and vibrant families a priority, and yours can be amazing if you put some focused effort into it!! Make a choice TODAY to make your spouse and family only 2nd to God!

“Becoming one with your spouse requires that you travel on the same course. If your spouse is going one way while you’re going another, you somehow need to make your paths converge. And, again, this often requires that you give up something. I’m not saying that you can’t keep up with your old friends or pursue certain activities on your own—just don’t allow those activities to consume all your time and energy. Don’t allow them to engulf your life to the point where your spouse is bumped to the bottom of your priorities list.”

Larry reminds us that God will show us how, and not leave us to struggle on our own.

“God’s ‘laws’ are not just a big list of restrictions. Ancient Hebrew teaches us that the word for “law” literally means ‘the path’—the path to all of God’s incredible blessings! Remember, God is not a taker; He is a giver!” Taken from “Releasing Family Blessings”

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