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Blessed To Be A Blessing

Blessed To Be A Blessing

By: Pastor Tiz Huch
I absolutely believe that God has ordained each and every one of us to be a person of powerful, positive influence with many great successes and significant amounts of wealth and resources to pour into the work of God. When we make up our minds to be conduits of blessings, He will make certain to get them to us and through us! I am absolutely convinced that our God wants to bless us greatly so that we can be a great blessing to others.

Our lives are God's gift to us. What we do with our lives, is our gift back to him. That gift back to the Lord begins with surrendering our lives to Him to be used for His glory.

There is no limit to the effects we can have in the world and on countless lives when we allow the Lord to empower us with His spirit and His anointing.

Let's take the limits off of our limited human thinking, abilities and circumstances. Our God is a big God! He is an incredibly food, loving, kind and generous God! He has big plans for the lives of every one of us. Let's develop God-sized visions for ourselves and fulfill all that He has destined for us! Only with God's vision, can we tap into all that He is, all that He has for us, and all that He has made available to us!

The Lord's mercies, grace, help and favor are inexhaustible! His love for us is never-ending. His equipping and resources are limitless. All we have to do is take the time and make the effort to come to Him and tap into His limitless supply!

Let the Lord anoint you to be successful in your career and businesses. The anointing means that God “smears you with His abilities”. Not only do you desire to be successful, but, the Lord has desired and designed you for success! He has a lot of blessings to get to you and through you!

The priority of our life should not be about working to live, but, about working to give! Always remember…You are blessed to be a blessing!
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