Be A Problem Solver

//Be A Problem Solver

Be A Problem Solver

Jesus was a great leader and when we study His life we can gain insights that can help us in business today. Let’s look at how Jesus solved problems – since in business we seem to always be dealing with ‘issues’.

Jesus was a problem solver. But in order to solve problems, we really need to know what we are dealing with. Jesus met people where they were. He didn’t start from a position of what was correct; he started with an attitude of grace. He also didn’t make them wrong. In order to solve problems we need to find out if someone is teachable, if they are open to correction and direction. If someone isn’t teachable then don’t try to teach them. Sounds too simple doesn’t it, but so often we see something that is wrong and our first thought is to point out the error. Don’t start with what is wrong, see where the person is and if they are open.

Jesus also always gave people a way out. If they didn’t want to listen he didn’t talk. Some of our business meetings would be a lot quieter if we didn’t talk when someone isn’t teachable. Communication is key and in order to get someone to listen we need to be sure we are on their side and let them know that we are on their side. We aren’t judging them, or making them wrong. Even if they are wrong we need to be sure we focus on the problem and not the person.

In business that is what we need to do. Meet people where they are. If you are an attorney, you need to know the whole truth in order to help your client. Medical doctors need test results in order to form a plan of action. Bankers need to see the credit reports, accountants need data – the bottom line. And all of this needs to happen in business without judgments. We need to learn how to really embrace future clients and if our product or service doesn’t meet their need then don’t sell it to them. If there is an issue in the office, look at solutions and don’t just rehearse the problem…and don’t blame!

When Nordstrom store doesn’t have a particular product they will suggest where you might find it. If you need a pair of slacks shortened, pressed or altered they are quick to help. Nordstrom, like Jesus, meets their clients where they are and solves problems. Even though Jesus didn’t go to the training classes at Nordstrom, he was the ultimate problem solver. Jesus always had the good of the other person on His mind. He wanted to help them, improve their life. Learn today how to meet needs in business, just like Jesus. Focus on the issue, not the person, don’t blame, keep directions simple, give lots of feedback and always say thank you. Success is sure to follow. It’s a great life, live it with joy!

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