Are They Listening? (Part 2)

//Are They Listening? (Part 2)

Are They Listening? (Part 2)

Life would be exciting enough if the visual and feeling type of thinkers or processors of information were the only two types of people we needed to communicate with, but there is a third type – the audial.

This person thinks with recorded words or messages in their entirety. Think of it this way, they record in their minds everything going on around them and when they try to remember something, they need to play the entire recording to retrieve the information. Now stop and think about that for just a second. To play a recording takes a long time so these intelligent people often seem to take too long to respond to questions. The ‘feeling’ processor gets impatient waiting for a reply and often answers for them, talks for them or just goes on without them. As the visual processor needs to see in order to really hear, the audial does not need to have any eye contact – in fact they can hear communication better with out any eye contact. This presents another issue since our Western society is too ‘eye contact’ focused. Pop psychology says anyone who does not give good eye contact is perhaps a liar. How often do we hear parents say ‘look at me when I am talking to you’? The student in the classroom is often discounted if they don’t look at the teacher. Yet these same people can repeat exactly what you just said to them when you ask them a question. They can repeat it exactly because they have recorded it in their memory.

Just like some visuals can retrieve an entire page of print and have a photographic memory, the audial remembers a recording. They are bothered by road noise, house squeaks and can detect an off note at all musical productions. They judge the worth of a car by the sound the door makes when they close it – or the trunk. The ‘visual processor’ picks a car by design and color. The ‘feeling processor’ picks a car by how it feels when they sit in it, drive it and how the dashboard works with their environmental requirements.

When communicating with ‘audial’ people speak in a more monotone voice and maybe slow down your rate of speech. Don’t require eye contact and be patient while waiting for a response from them. Too much emotion shuts them down and they can’t listen or remember all that ‘noise’.

If they have musical talent they make perfect pitch singers and can fine tune your sound equipment with perfection. You need friends who process information with their ears, they are vital to any work team.

It is a great life, go for it with joy.

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