30 Days to Victory – Day 5

//30 Days to Victory – Day 5

30 Days to Victory – Day 5

Let’s make our first and last appointments of our day with the Lord! For a few minutes, shut out the world and soak in the Word….let the presence and the promises of God fill your soul and spirit. Develop a love and an intimacy with the Lord, as your Father. Speak out loud and declare the names of God and the promises of God over your life, family, health, finances and future!

The Bible promises us, “We shall decree a thing and it shall be so!” This kicks off your day with confidence, joy, expectation and creative faith! It sets the course of the day with faith and excitement! No matter what the day holds, let the Lord and His promises influence and “color” your decisions, attitudes, thoughts, words and actions! Talk to the Lord throughout the day and speak out His promises…your faith filled words have an incredible effect! This creates “Faith in Action” and has a huge impact on the outcome of your day and your life! The prayer of agreement goes beyond agreeing with another person in prayer. It is YOU agreeing with GOD in prayer! It is YOU coming into complete alignment with God’s word and promises—in your thinking, your words, and your actions! The Bible promises us that when 2 or 3 agree, it SHALL be done!!! It is a powerful force of faith when you and I align with God’s Word!

The same creative power that God used to “speak” and form the world, lives within you and me! Speak out your future and your destiny! Don’t waste one more word on negative, defeated thinking or speaking! Determine to speak ONLY positive, faith filled words over yourself, your family, your finances and your future! Just see what a difference it will make! Then, at the end of your day, thank the Lord for His goodness, love and help. Let His presence and His promises fill your mind for a restful, joyful sleep. Then, wake up the next morning and REPEAT!!! Watch this year become Simply Sensational!!!

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